Built in 1883, this building has long been a cornerstone in the Bridgeport neighborhood.


Thanks to the Chicago History Museum we were able to learn about the history of this building.

Discovering the history of this building required a lot of cross sectioning of photos, recovering census records and building permits, and learning that the building was originally built as a saloon.


This space was originally utilized as a saloon until the time of Prohibition in the 1920’s.

Since then the building has previously served as the Bridgeport community’s grocery store and butcher shop.

Our goal was to renovate this space into a versatile event space that combines vintage elegance with modern flair.


We are very excited to contribute to the community and this building’s history with this project.

We want continue this building’s heritage and use this space to bring people and experiences together.


How did this project begin?

We have previously renovated a number of residential spaces and have enjoyed the result of those projects. This time we wanted to challenge ourselves and attempt to rennovate a commercial space. This building is a residential and commercial space and so it’s a combination of what we know and what we wanted to work with. Finding this building was like being given a blank canvas that was wanting to be transformed into an artwork. We’re happy with the building’s transformation and we will be hosting an open house this coming April 20th.

Upcoming Events