Additional Artists


Jolene Mackie

Jolene Mackie is an artist living and working in Kelowna BC. Since graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Emily Carr University in 2009, Jolene has pursued art making professionally with a focus on the medium of oil painting. Jolene has exhibited her work widely throughout the Okanagan Valley and British Columbia, and has work in private collections around the world. Jolene finds inspiration in simple, fleeting moments: a unique quality of light, the shape of shadows, and the living palettes that colour our daily existence. Her work blends fascination with the world around us and the whimsy of human imagination into wholly unique visual experiences.

Jitti Jumnianwai

Jumnianwai is a young artist, a staple of the new generation. Particularly inspired by his childhood memories, he takes pleasure in feeding his endless collections of robots that he paints, draws, low, carved satisfying collectors of Thailand and Europe who have been sidelined by the incredible universe of this exceptional artist.